Archived Works Sold

The Iconic Electric Guitar
Romping at the Beach 2
Me Too
Blue Cochatoo
Little Bird 300
Macaw 300
Flamingo 2 300
Crane 1 Mini
Crane 2 Mini
Seasons end 72
Sunset on the Dock
Rawlings Handy Man Quarters
Two Turtles
Pond of Flamingos 300
Gracie 150dpi
Approaching Rum Island 72 DPI
Peeking through Poe Springs 72 DPI
Majestic River Autumn 72 DPI
The Guardian 72
Autumn Dreams of the River
Radiant Radishes Sold
Yellow and Red Peppers - Sold
Carrots - Sold
Duckweed in bloom
Turtles on the Santa Fe
Rum Island
Artists in Micanopy
Naked Springs
Ichetuchnee Head Spring
Dogwood Springs
Devil's eye
Epic Surf shop
Butterfly Garden II
Kanapaha garden
Veil of Spanish Moss
Yellow Flower
Lilly Pads
St Augustine Lighthouse
South Beach
Wild Tulips
The Musician
Orange Tree on the Farm
Lazy Dog
By the Lane
The Smallest Post Office
Three Trees on the River
Grazing on the Farm
Road to the Butterflies
Bridge of Dreams
Fountain at the Thomas Center
Grazin' in the Grass, Susie the Mule
The Emerald City
Flamingo 2
Bamboo Path at Kanapaha
Lincoln Road
The Covenant
No Name Harbor
Tickled by the Storm