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Going forward with my art......

Sometimes I have so many ideas in my head I don't think I can live long enough to work on them. i go thru fazes where sometimes all I want to do it paint in plein air and mostly at the river. Then there are times where I want to try other styles or of late an obsession with ultra realism. That obsession has gotten me art prizes while the river works is what sells the most.

Sometimes as an artist some artists friends feel ultra realism is not "painterly" or worthy of being called good art. That it must be more impressionistic. Isn't that a bit of one sided opinion and a sort of tunnel vision? I have been reading a lot lately that young people are pursuing new rogue Atelier schools popping up all of the country that are teaching realism because colleges and art schools moved away from teaching the old school styles of painting. So thus started my pursuit of this skillful form of art and it has won me several ribbons in several shows in the past 2 years.

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